Fons Haagmans Dutch, b. 1948


Haagmans has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, with individual exhibitions at the Kunsthalle in Bern, Switzerland and Galerie Onst in Amsterdam, as well as being selected to participate in Gary Hume’s Summer Show at the Royal Academy.


Born in Schinnan in 1948, Haagmans currently lives and works in Maastricht, producing iconographic work which references both modern life, as well as evoking the spirit of the medieval carnivale. 


Using a stencilling technique, Haagmans creates stylized motifs, often used in repetition, as symbols. Patterns of numbers and graphic designs, wine glasses and food scraps; immortalised as icons of everyday existence, sit side-by-side strange characters and animals, dancing and celebrating as they did in the works of the Dutch Masters. Haagmans marries the iconography of Pop Art with classic symbols of excess - purging their sins in an incarnation of the Catholic celebration of human frivolity. 


Drawing influence from such a variety of sources, his compositions are at once understated and powerful.