Raul Lozza Argentinian, 1911-2008


In 1929 Lozza (b. 1911 Buenos Aires – d. 2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina) moved to the centre of Buenos Aires where he illustrated magazines and advertisements and published his poetic and theoretical writings. He was part of the intellectual group that published Counterpoint newspaper in 1944. 

Lozza is widely recognised as a leading figure and teacher in the Argentine abstract avant-garde. From 1945 he was a founding member of Arte Concreto-InvencioĢn, and in 1947 he created Perceptism, a movement that published its own magazine. Lozza was concerned with the relational theory of color and on the concept of a color field, advocating the succession of abstract geometric shapes, cut and pasted to the plane and structured from the severity of the straight line. For Lozza the creative core lies more in the project and in the idea than in the realisation of the final work.

His works are in numerous public collections such the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, The Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, USA, and the Washington National Gallery of Art, USA.

In 1997 The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art held a large retrospective exhibition.