Nanda Vigo Italian, 1936-2020


Nanda Vigo (b. 1936 Milan, Italy) is one of the pre-eminent names in the history of contemporary Italian art. Ever since the 60’s, following a constantly evolving process a world away from stereotypes and brand names, the exemplary nature of her work has inspired a generation of artists and designers.


Nanda Vigo’s artistic adventure began in Milan in late 1958 and early 1959. She initially worked closely with Gio Ponti and Lucio Fontana, mentors who would teach her the art of space and light in a conceptual and emotional style that will inspire her to define her own artistic philosophy.


She has exhibited throughout the world with the ZERO group. The importance of her work remains self-evident. Her work had recently been exhibited in the 2014 exhibition, ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Gropius Bau in Berlin and the Stediljk Museum, Amsterdam in 2015. In 2019 a major retrospective of Nanda Vigo was held at the Palazzo Reale, Milan.