5 January - 5 February 2016

After a close relationship with Ivor Abrahams RA (b. Wigan, 1935 – d. Ramsgate, 2015) for over 40 years, The Mayor Gallery presents an affectionate homage with a selection of his smaller sculptures, from 1959 – 2014, including works from his Garden Series, nudes, and his amusing Owls.

The majority are cast in bronze, its endurance allied to Colour, wit and movement. They are sculptures whose spontaneous origin is in drawing, cutting and collage, as much as traditional modelling: ‘Cut-outs in my work are the fulcrum on which everything pivots,’ Abrahams said. Appointed Head of Sculpture at the R.A School, sculpture was how he expressed his ideas best.


Ivor’s art reflected the eclecticism of his conversation, its surprising diversions and keen eye for absurdity. As James Mayor says, Ivor was ‘a European Rauschenberg, always looking for new ideas or to try a new technique. He was truly innovative’.