Toby Mott in conversation with Peter York

Structural Hierarchy in British Culture
THURSDAY 13 JAN 2022, 6.30PM



Toby Mott is an artist, collector, designer, publisher and organiser of Cultural Traffic; a global arts fair that he founded as a platform for social change through DIY practice. In 1985 he led the Grey Organisation’s Cork Street Attack. Recent projects include the publication of; Punk in Print 1976-1980: The Compete Mott Collection, Kraftwerk: Dance Forever and Dictator Banknotes.

Peter York is an author, journalist, broadcaster, management consultant and President of The Media Society. His highly tuned antennae numbers him amongst the most perceptive commentators observing the cultural landscape. His latest book ‘The War Against the BBC’, co-written with Professor Patrick Barwise was published in November 2020 by Penguin.
January 20, 2022