ALBERTO BIASI Italian, b. 1937


b. 1937 Padua, Italy 


A leading figure in international kinetic art of the Sixties, Biasi was Co-founder of the Gruppo N (1959-1967) which included Ennio Chiggo, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi and Alfredo Massironi.  Biasi also exhibited alongside Enrico Castellani and the Nine Tendencije movement in Zagreb, becoming one of the instigators of the movement of Arte Programmata (Programmed Art).


Biasi’s first series of works; Trame were constituted of layers of cotton gauzes, metal wires and perforated cardboard through which light would filter in a constellation-like effect that changed in relation to the viewer. Biasi started making his Oggetti Ottico-Dinamici in the early 1960s – thin strips of PVC radiating from a central point and twisting equidistantly towards a geometric wooden frame. As the suspended object vacillates and the spectator moves around it, the immobile strips become animated with morphing geometric shapes, elaborating on the concept he called virtual kineticism which he continues exploring today.


As well as 12 exhibitions with the Gruppo N including The Responsive Eye at the MoMA in New York, 1965, and numerous solo shows, Biasi’s work was presented at the Venice Biennale, the Sao Paulo Art Biennial, the Rome Quadriennale and most recently in the AZIMUT/H Continuità e nuovo exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in 2014.


Alberto Biasi lives and works in Padua, Italy.