In Real Life

9 June - 29 July 2021
Installation Views

After months of only following the artworld through our screens, many of us now miss the experience of seeing art in person. This Summer The Mayor Gallery celebrates that irreplaceable feeling and satisfaction of being in direct contact with art, objects solely created to be understood in real life.
With 34 artworks, painted, sculpted, assembled by international artists renowned for their optical, kinetic and textural research through colour, light, movement and use of exceptional material, this exhibition offers unique works, from the 1950s onward.
Our selection focuses on the experimental Post-War movements, from Arte Programmata (Anceschi, Apollonio, Biasi, Boriani, de Vecchi, Demarco, Landi, Massironi, Varisco), Structuralism & Concrete (Cairoli, Hill, Staudt), Nul, Zero, GRAV (Dadamaino, Peeters, Schoonhoven, Le Parc, Megert, Morellet, Von Graevenitz) 1960s and 70s Op art (Cruz-Diez, Stanczak, Tomasello), through Matter Art and Conceptual (Cornell, Ferrari, Formentelli, Serra, Wagemaker, Zangs). These interactive and 3-dimensional works all demand to be experienced in person.