b. 1937 Padua,  lives and works in Padua, Italy


Alberto Biasi is one of the most important Italian artists who through his very long career, contributed to the affirmation and fame of the international kinetic art of the Sixties onwards, particularly to the branch called Arte Programmata (Programmed Art, which comes from the experimental group show title, that in 1962 was commissioned by the Olivetti firm, the cutting-edge in the small computer research at the time.)


Biasi has been amongst the founders of Gruppo Enne in Padua (1959-65), who together with the Milanese 

Gruppo T have developed an autonomous and forerunner branch on optic-perceptive researches that will be gathered under the name of Optical Art. Besides the Arte Programmata group shows that travelled throughout Europe and the USA from 1962 until 1965, Biasi also took part in 

The Responsive Eye at the MoMA, NY, in 1965.