BERNARD AUBERTIN French, 1934-2015

b. 1934 Boulay, France - d. 2015 Reutlingen, Germany


“…Painting in red is an absolute necessity.”


The monochrome red which characterises Aubertin’s work is used by the artist as a colour able to reflect the idea of blood and fire as a symbol of life, but that can also allow, at the same time, something of a depersonalisation of the art and a 'technique of anonymity'. 


Having become frustrated with the Parisian artistic scene Aubertin moved to Germany where he contributed to the ZERO Group. In the decades after, he developed the concept of 'Tableaux-clou' (nail-paintings) throughout the 1960s, which subsequently evolved into the 'Tableaux-feu' (fire-paintings), marking his transition to the ephemeral; the canvas, consisting of matches, lighting up with live and real flame.