2 March - 6 May 2022
Installation Views
On the 100th anniversary of Répétitions by Paul Eluard and Max Ernst, a publication of collages and poems by the Dada and Surrealist artists, The Mayor Gallery in the countdown to its own centenary investigates the idea of rhythm and repetition with a group show of paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photography from the 1950s to 2000s.

Nobuya Abe | Billy Apple | Bernard Aubertin | Stephen Buckley | Carlos Cairoli | Miguel Chevalier | Dadamaino | Antony Donaldson | Peter Dreher | Enea Ferrari | Jan Henderikse | Li Huasheng | Attila Kovács | Tadaaki Kuwayama | Walter Leblanc |  Edoardo Landi | Julio Le Parc | Aiko Miyawaki | Vera Molnár |  François Morellet | Turi Simeti | Julian Stańczak | Klaus Staudt | Luis Tomasello | Gerhard von Graevenitz | Andy Warhol