LAb[au]: calculations, permutations, notations

13 - 31 January 2016

 The Mayor Gallery presents an exhibition by Belgium collective LAb[au] at Art Bermondsey Project Space.


To coincide with LAb[au]'s  participation at Lumiere London 14 - 17 January 2016, the exhibition in Bermondsey Street, over two floors, will showcase a selection of their kinetic and static works including the Origami series, Mosaique series and Chronoprints.  

LAb[au] is a group of artists, Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Els Vermang, located in Brussels.

Their artworks share characteristics with conceptual art, system art and concrete art - though actualised with contemporary materials, techniques and formats. They have a strong tendency towards a reductionist, serial and elementary language, manifested in their use of colour, geometry, light and motion. LAb[au] questions contemporary aesthetics, confronting them with algorithmic logic.

Lumiere London is a free outdoor light festival. Over four evenings the city will be transformed with an extraordinary array of installations, turning the capital into a winter playground. LAb[au]'s installation binaryWaves can be found in Kings Cross, running along Regent's Canal. Using infrared sensors to capture the invisible flows of information that surround us from mobile phones, radios and cars, binaryWaves transforms them into a unique display of light, sound and colour.