10 January - 8 February 2013

Ivor Abrahams R.A. The Garden Revisited is the latest exhibition with The Mayor Gallery focusing on his Garden period, the exploration of the Suburban through the subject of figureless residential gardens. An expression of the triviality of the domestic, Abrahams uses the concept of the garden to explore the extraordinary.


In the late 1960s exhibiting with emerging British Pop artists, Abrahams quickly found his own path, the bright and colourful Pop imagery became more ironic, sinister and less obvious. This uneasy effect is also compounded by Abrahams’ use of his renowned technique of painted sculpture, which sits in the middle of the two mediums, between 2D and 3D, not quite one or the other. The use of flock paper and photo-collage are also a reaction to his colour-blindness, which only encouraged him to exploit the 3D materials and texture to the full.


Inviting gates and foreboding walls, vacant paths leading to the unknown, Abrahams presents an eccentric version of The Secret Garden, an exploration into the domestic, the myths of modern living.