DADAMAINO Italian, 1930-2004


Born Eduarda Emilia Maino, Dadamaino (b. 1930 - d. 2004 Milan, Italy) was a multi faceted protagonist of the Milanese avant-garde after the Second World War and was very close to the Italian Spazialisti group.


Her significant series Volumes; canvases interrupted by elliptical or round holes, reminiscent of Lucio Fontana, as well as her Sfasati series of regular holes punched through stretched plastic on frames, are concerned with opening up the surface of the artwork to create a three-dimensional quality.


She showed with Manzoni, Castellani and Bonalumi in the Azimuth exhibition in Milan in 1960. Throughout the sixties she showed regularly with the ZERO and Nul groups, later joining the Nouvelle Tendance movement. In 1980 Dadamaino exhibited in the Venice Biennale and a large retrospective was organised by the Bochum museum in 2000.


Le Consortium in Dijon held a retrospective on her work in 2013 and her work was included in the major exhibition at the Guggenheim, New York, Zero count down to tomorrow, 2014.