EDOARDO LANDI Italian, b. 1937


After his studies in industrial design at high school, and having obtained a degree in architecture from Venice University, he joined Gruppo Enne with which he had in common a passion for provocation and for opposition to the art market system. He took part in the exhibitions “Nessuno è invitato a intervenire” in 1960 and in 1962 in “Arte Programmata” at the Olivetti shop in Milan; in 1961 became part of Nouvelles Tendences. 


After the dissolution of Gruppo Enne in 1965, the result of the difficulty in selling works signed by the whole group, he founded Gruppo ENNE 65, together with Massironi and Biasi. Dating from this period are his multi-sensorial and immersive works, the interpretation of which varies according the spatial relationship with the viewer. This work consists of an abstract geometrical plane, a blue square in which sixteen glass spheres contain double-faced cardboard discs that, when reflected on the concave part of the sphere, give rise to an optical effect that changes according to the position of the spectator. By moving, the spectator can observe the iridescent reflections of the discs.