b. 1932 Otterndorf am Main, Germany, lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany


Klaus Staudt is one of the leading exponents of constructive and concrete art in Germany. His oeuvre is based upon simple geometric forms and often follow a uniform grid, at first glance simple in expression but more revealing with further inspection that commands the observers’attention. His continuity and rigour have led to over 40 years of making art in this way. 


Staudt began his adult life studying medicine from 1954 - 1959 in Munich. After a visit to a student in 1957 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, he started a course there shortly after in the studios of Ernst Geitlinger and Georg Meistermann. It was here he did his post-graduate work after joining the New Tendencies movement with Almir Mavignier and Gerhard von Graevenitz.


His artistic interest is to overcome the inherent two-dimensionality of paintings by utilising the light and shadow effect of raised features that actively involving the observer.