JIANG DAHAI Chinese, b. 1946


After graduating in 1986 from the oil painting department at the Central Academy of Arts, in Beijing, Jiang went to France to study Western art. His shift from Realism to Modernism and assimilation of Eastern and Western Arts took almost two decades leading the artist to create his own form of abstraction. Leaving France in 2008 to return to China, he became Professor at the Central Academy of Arts. Jiang is now one of the most prominent Chinese artists. 


In his famous cloudy paintings, the artist composes his canvases with a modern method of stippling all-over the canvas, echoing the action-painting of the American Expressionists. The art of Jiang however is the opposite of this movement, aiming instead to  re-create the essence of the Chinese aesthetic and meditation. The illusion of vaporous mists recalls the traditional Chinese landscape, in his canvases Jiang finds the subtle balance between the emptiness and the openness, the Ying and the Yang, the saturation and the void. 


His most recent solo exhibitions include a retrospective in 2015 at The National Museum of History, Taipei in Taiwan and in 2009 at the Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. 'Carte Blanche à Jiang Dahai' an exhibition of 6 large works is currently showing at The Musée des Arts asiatiques - Guimet, Paris.