ANTHONY CARO British, 1924-2013


Pioneering sculptor Anthony Caro (b. 1924 New Maldon, UK - d. 2013 London, UK)  explored the possibilities of three-dimensional abstraction. Throughout the post-war period, he made radical shifts away from the dominant forms and disciplines of his day. For example, Caro eliminated plinths from his practice and placed his sculptures directly on the floor. He constructed his large-scale pieces from materials such as rope, wood, lead, and—most famously—rusted steel. On occasion, he used found objects including buoys, chains, and railroad ties. Caro’s work often blurred the lines between architecture and art. The artist was enormously influential, and his work has been exhibited at institutions including Tate Britain, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Seoul Museum of Art, the National Gallery in London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Caro’s sculptures have fetched seven figures on the secondary market.